We have exciting news to share!

We wanted you to be the first to know, Colloquia Partners, LLC is becoming 29Bison. As we continue to grow it is important for us to focus our efforts to ensure that we provide you with services, support and innovative approaches that meet your needs, play to our strengths, and inspire us to even higher levels of performance.  


transition-02A number of years ago we sat around a bar dreaming about a future where transactions are more successful and more enjoyable, maybe even a little fun – 29Bison takes us back to that evening and to the work that has been our passion for well over a decade.  We love transactions and we are enlivened by finding ways to improve due diligence, integration, and pre-transaction value creation.  Central to these activities, for us, is a focus on people. 


We enable our clients to make timely, critical decisions that improve transaction outcomes.  Offering unique and unparalleled human capital advisory services to the investment community, with an emphasis on the mid- and sub-middle-market ($2M to $500M).


Why 29Bison?  (We thought you’d never ask!)

The bison is an iconic symbol of strength, resilience, and character, who thrives as part of a cohesive community.  Copper, atomic element number 29 of the periodic table, is one of a handful of transition metals, known for millennia and prized for many purposes.


copper buffalo2We've learned that long-term change is achieved not only through the execution of strategic and tactical planning, but connecting with a company’s culture, values, people, and behaviors, in order to achieve transformative success. The Copper Bison inspires us to learn from the wisdom of the herd, and in the process unearth the precious elements of success. 


He reminds us to look for these qualities in all of the organizations we work with - companies like yours.  

We have arrived at this brilliant new place through your trust, partnership and faith – our deepest appreciation to you, our faithful clients, partners, colleagues and teammates.   Your bold ideas, candid and constructive thoughts, gratitude, kind words, and wisdom are with us as we map this redefined course.  


Please spread the word.  Pass this message along to others who will benefit from knowing us, or share their contact information and we will gladly reach out.


Thank you!  

Laura, Jason, Justin and the entire team





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