People AND Profit? Think Fink.

Peo ple and Profit are shaping up as emerging business themes for 2018. Many of you have heard or read Larry Fink’s (BlackRock) Letter to CEO’s . In this letter, Larry says, “…society increasingly is turning to the private sector and asking that companies respond to broader societal...
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New Year, New Job? Check Your Footwear Before Taking the Leap!

Three times in the past 5 days I have received notes and text messages from friends and colleagues, each expressing the following sentiment, "I think 2018 is the year I look to make a move from ABC Company, would you help me?" This is not unusual, especially as the New Year approaches and...

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Reflection and Gratitude

More than most holidays, Thanksgiving invites a time of reflection and gratitude.  In many homes and communities, it is a time for counting blessings, experiencing and sharing an appreciation for the gifts in our lives, both large and small.  As we prepared to spend time around this year’s...

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Entrepreneurs: begin with the end in mind


How many times have you heard the advice begin with the end in mind? It's common wisdom shared as we start projects, create speeches, or plan the steps toward completion of an important goal. Yet, despite what is seemingly common sense, many entrepreneurs and business leaders don't heed this...

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