Let's Be Clear About Transparency

“To be effective you must not let your need to be right be more important than your need to find out what’s true. If you are too proud of what you know or of how good you are at something you will learn less, make inferior decisions, and fall short of your potential.”  ― Ray DalioPrinciples:...

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You may be much too comfortable - #metoo 

Contributed by:  Patricia C. Collins, Esquire.  Antheil, Maslow & MacMinn, LLP

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Winning the New War for Talent



Twenty years ago we faced a looming ‘war for talent’ in the tech industry. Employers required many more technologically skilled and innovative employees than were available in the marketplace. 

Demand far exceeded supply for skilled staff to build technology infrastructure, develop...

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People AND Profit? Think Fink.

Peo ple and Profit are shaping up as emerging business themes for 2018. Many of you have heard or read Larry Fink’s (BlackRock) Letter to CEO’s . In this letter, Larry says, “…society increasingly is turning to the private sector and asking that companies respond to broader societal...
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